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t some ch▓ildren could suffer from

in New Orl▓eans, I was doing research about seemingly healthy infants▓ dying in their sleep, sudden infant death syndrome,"▓ said Dr. Gozal. "but in my sleep clin▓ics, parents kept coming because of their child s▓noring and restless sleep and would tell me how hap▓py they were afte

r treatment. So, I wanted to take a deeper ▓look into it and began learning more deepl▓y about sleep apnea."Dr. Gozal then cond▓ucted a study by asking 1st Grade teachers in the local area to identify their two students▓ of poorest performance and send them to him. He ha▓d 300 students tested during their sleep and discove▓red the failing students were

nine times ▓more likely to suffer from sleep apnea.Treatment with positive resultsDr. Gozal set up a treatment program. He noticed that the students who had stopped snoring and whose sleep apnea was better could enjoy restorative sl▓eep and

apnea and if left un

began to improve both acade▓mically and behaviorally."The results were amazing," Dr. Gozal said. "And I wanted to m▓ake it my life's mission to conduct studies on sleep apnea and to bring this message out to the public."He said when children are diag

nosed with sleep apnea and treated, their learning and behavior problems can be "reversed." The sooner they are dia▓gnosed and treated the better.Studies indicat▓e that 1-3 perce

treated, they are at ris

nt of all children struggle with severe sle▓ep apnea cases, while another 10-12 percent have mild forms. Asian children are more likely to have ▓sleep apnea, since their cranial and fa▓cial features make them more susceptible to it.Search for curesThere are effective procedures to treat

childhood sleep apnea. In milder forms, Dr. Gozal recommends the use of steroidal nasal sprays and oral anti-inflammatory medicines that are readily a▓vailable, while at the same time his labora▓tory is working on new medications.Dr. Gozal told CCTV.com Panview that in more serious cases: Surgery is "n

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